STL's permanent staff includes two (2) faculty members (D. Pantelis - Professor & STL's Director and N. Tsouvalis - Professor), one (1) EDIP member (Ch. Sarafoglou - Dipl. Mechanical Engineer), three (3) members of techn. staff - ETEP (D. Tsiourva - Dipl. Chemical Engineer, Ch. Xanthis - Craftsman and A. Markoulis - Mechanical Engineer-TEI) and one (1) admin. staff - IDAX (E. Kaloutsa - Secretary).

Unfortunetally, on the 24th April 2014, our esteemed colleague, Professor V. Papazoglou passed away.

Besides STL's permanent staff, there are several external partners-researchers who work in research programs and specialized services.

The average number of PhD candidates is between 10 and 15.

Also, each year, STL hosts many under-graduate and post-graduate students who carry out their diploma thesis.